Is a Transferable Vehicle Registration Really Transferable to a Title?

“The person I purchased the vehicle from had a registration because their state doesn’t title vehicles of that age.” I hear that all the time. So what do you do? You get a registration in the seller’s name signed over to you. But your state wants a title for a title, not a registration for a title.

This happens all the time. Make sure that you also get a bill of sale along with the registration, showing that you purchased the vehicle for “X” amount of money on “X” date. Also, make sure both you and the seller sign the bill of sale, and the VIN is on there as well.

In many cases, the DMV still won’t title the vehicle in your name with the bill of sale. They will make you complete a Vehicle Request Form. They want to know the past titleholder.

The information that you request will take a few weeks to come in. But the frustrations have only just begun. The DMV will now want you to send certified letters to the past titleholder if the request was successful.

There is a silver lining in all this red tape. If you have a bill of sale and VIN, then a title specialist at will take care of all the busy, frustrating paperwork that is required. Your only responsibility is to sign the prepared documents and mail them back to us. No red tape, just a new title.